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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's been a while since i last blogged, I've had both haters and supporters but this time i want to blog again and will make sure that i won't be affected by the people who do dislike me.

I'm single now and i thought i should start a new leaf, start a new story, start a new life. I decided to delete all my old posts and come up with new ones. I will still feature food and coffee shops but this time i will start to feature my life itself and my experiences that have passed and have somehow made me a better person.

Loosing my better half was a very tough decision but i think it was worth it would allow both of us to grow and understand the world more making us both independent. As we seek and learn new things each day we become more mature we add what we learn to our life and foster what we may call some sort of make shift wisdom.

The world has become more "colorful" compared to that of my last posts but at least this time i can understand things more since i know I've learned from my mistakes.

Knowing real friends and dumping those who aren't have been really difficult as well i have come to think how it was possible for me to ever trust a person who in the future back stabbed me and my friends. I guess i should scrap my motto in not choosing friends because i believe that the smart thing to do would be to choose friends. Not because of the sizes of their pockets, not because they have this bulk of intelligence in their heads, not because how cultured or how popular they are but by the sizes of their hearts. Though it may be difficult or next to impossible to know if a friend is real or not we really have to trust ourselves our instincts cause in the long run that's all we have.

So being back in the market i guess has been a bit difficult for me, because as we all know (specially my haters) I'm not exactly gifted with the looks to kill lol. Yes some may disagree that physical attributes should not matter in finding a person that you may consider to be your better half but this is very superficial if you ask me. Also based on my experience most good looking people are quite self centered or conceited or proud. Most of the people who are unprivileged with looks tend to be modest, more considerate and more understanding.

Random thoughts may have come to this first post as i have not prepared myself on what to write or what to post but one thing is for sure this will be the next chapter of my life and those who are involved in it. A new corridor that was lead from the new door that was opened, A new life.
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